Rediscovering HTML tables


I decided to write this post after several conversations I recently had with some of my readers about the use of HTML tables. In general, I noticed there is a preconceived hate about their use due to misleading information. In fact a lot of people say “I read tables should never…

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Nov Developing Efficient, Streamlined CSS


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Attention – The Lifeblood of Your Web Design


Success of your web site can be understood in one word: Attention. Is what it’s all about. Attention is the lifeblood of your web site. If you have someone’s attention, you can do take them somewhere, engage with them, show them the information you want them to see, request information…

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Adding Transparencies and Gradients With CSS


  The way you handle color in your web designs is about to change. Perhaps you’ve been playing around with hexadecimal color values since you were a wee web-babe; if you were, get ready to to grow up fast. CSS3 has arrived, and your palette is about to get a…

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Using Classname (class) and ID in HTML


Any HTML element (like a body, list, paragraph, table etc.) can have an ID (identifier) and can also have one or more Classnames. For example, the following DIV element has both an ID and three Classnames (separated by spaces). <div id=”contactblock”>…</div> But what are IDs and classes/classnames, and how and…

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Invisible Human Check for Web Form Validation


What’s the ideal check to protect your web forms from spambots? No one really likes having to copy squiggly letters from a CAPTCHA image, but is there a better alternative? The ideal check would be one that most people don’t ever notice, but which effectively keeps out all spambots. In…

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Every Page on Your Site is an Ad

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Every web site owner or designer should constantly be looking to increase visitor engagement, to keep people on your site, so you can drive more people to take action. One of the most powerful shifts in thinking you can make is to view every single page on every web site…

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Manage the Eye (Nine Noticeability Factors)


When someone comes to your web site, they should quickly be able to scan the page and know “Yup – I’m in the right place”. Some web pages are so busy that the eye simply can’t settle on the content. It skips around from one element to another, and no…

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10 Best CSS Practices to Improve Your Code


It’s really easy to find yourself wondering how your CSS got to be such a mess. Sometimes it’s the result of sloppy coding from the start, sometimes it’s because of multiple hacks and changes over time. Whatever the cause, it doesn’t have to be that way. Writing clean, super-manageable CSS…

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Master The Value Triangle


Here’s a neat tool you can use to get insight into any offering, any brand, and any client’s needs. A “sale” is only possible when both parties perceive that the value they are getting  from the trade is greater than the value of the thing they are giving up. You…

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