Every Page on Your Site is an Ad

Every web site owner or designer should constantly be looking to increase visitor engagement, to keep people on your site, so you can drive more people to take action.

One of the most powerful shifts in thinking you can make is to view every single page on every web site as an advertisement.

That means it should have a point, some purpose or goal. The goal will be one of only a few things:

  1. To generate action by the visitor.
  2. To help them find something they need or that interests them.
  3. To capture information.
  4. Or to communicate specific information.

If someone visits any page and leaves or quits without fulfillingone of these goals, the page has failed.

Each page is an advertisement, either for the information on the page, a function, info capture, or for information on another page. It has no other major purpose.

When your page works, people will complete one of the goals. Theywill continue to engage with the web site. When it fails, they’ll stop there and leave without getting what they want or giving what the page needs.

Any time you sit down to make a web page, ask, “What is the goal of this page? What is this page an advertisement for?”

And make it your sole goal to deliver that perfectly.

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